MAN TGS Euro 6 kit 4-axle-halfpipe-tipper Kit for drive technology 8x4

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    This model of a 4-axle rear tipper is based on the original Meiller construction plans. Equipped with all the technical features of this model for the "heavy use" is well prepared. So we can allow serious off-road vehicle that, by sophisticated powertrain and suspension technology attest. All travel, labor, light and sound functions, according to the original, is available.

    The hollow of the vehicle pictured is made of brass, which receives the great role model in accordance with, by repeated bending of the side walls and the floor, their massive semi-circular shape. A continuous double angle profile, soldered to bottom and side wall forms a closed box increases the stability of the dumping body in addition. The pendulum back panel is equipped with an automatic lock-mouth, which guarantees an original discharge and later secure locking. The dump is also faithfully reproduced in this model, operated by a stainless steel multi-stage hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic components, also manufactured in our company, guarantee a perfect function. The draining of the basin is fully loaded no problems dar.

    This model is built on a sophisticated stainless-steel ladder frame with cross members screwed. Any other functional components can be enumerated as follows:

    • Metal drive axles with ball bearings
    • Metal front axles / drive shafts with metal 8x8 variant
    • Pendelum suspension
    • multi-level metal gearbox with Faulhaber coreless motor
    • Stainless steel transmission shafts with length compensation
    • Multi-section aluminum rims
    • hydraulic pump with Faulhaber coreless motor, mounted in the vehicle tank
    • Multi-level stainless steel hydraulic cylinders
    • automatic end of the hydraulic pump

    This kit is for the construction of a driven 4-axis Halfpipe-tippers 8x4 appropriate and contains the following components:

    • 610 00400 cab MAN TGS Euro 6 with steel bumper
    • 710 00005 frame 4-axle 
    • 710 00025 front axle suspension 2x
    • 710 00014 axle articulation for 2.front axle 
    • 710 00013 pendulum spring rear suspension 
    • 740 00052 euro rim narrow
    • 740 00017 terrain tires 9 pcs.
    • 740 00018 terrain tire width 4 pcs.
    • 710 00080 front axle metal 2x
    • 610 00056 battery box
    • 610 00490 exhaust MAN TGX/TGS Euro 6
    • 720 00001 halfpipe -tipper-body Meiller 
    • 960 00001 pro tool kit 
    • 950 00007 instruction manual 
    • 950 00103 DVD 
    • 980 00002 wooden box

    With the matching function packages, which are displayed below, you can gradually build up your model into a fully operational model.

    The models are examples and may include optional accessories!

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