MAN TGS Euro 5 4-axle roll on/off tipper Kit for drive technology four-wheel 8x8

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Weight: 9 kg
Manufacturer: ScaleART
Art.No.: 61000319
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The family of best-tilter kits such as the three-tippers and the halfpipe-tipper closes now the hook loader as kit. 

After the revision of the roll on/off building convinced the hook loader went in with his power and sophisticated technology, whether with 3 - or 4-axle. By changing the geometry of the structure and the use of an additional cylinder we could almost double the lift capacity and improve to an impressive 7.5 kg! The roll on/off building is completely made of aluminum and brass. The ultra-powerful hydraulic components in the usual high quality stainless steel. This dump truck was of course designed so that he, like all of our dump trucks as a 8x8 or 8x4 vehicle can be built.

This kit is for the construction of four-wheel (8x8) driven 4-axis hook suitable MAN TGS M and contains the following components:

  • 610 00400 cab MAN TGS-M Euro 5
  • 710 00048 frame 4-axle
  • 710 00069 Traverse frame for TGS
  • 710 00014 axle guide rods for 2nd Front
  • 710 00001 front suspension 2x
  • 710 00013 rear axle suspension spring for 2 axles
  • 710 00009 reception Coupling deep
  • 740 00017 terrain tires slim 8x
  • 740 00018 terrain tires wide 4x
  • 610 00056 Battery box
  • 960 00001 Pro Tool Kit
  • 980 00002 Wooden Box
  • 950 00007 instructions
  • 950 00103 DVD

With the matching function packages, which will be shown below, you can build your model by degrees into a fully functional model.

The models shown may include optional accessories!

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Yoshihito writes: Time: 14:44 Date: 07.01.2014 Rating: 5
2014-01-07 14:44:26 MAN TGS Euro 5 4-axle roll on/off tipper 1.451,70 €
very nice model!
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