Personal consultation - from the beginning

Do you need help with the choice of your desired model? Then just mail us or just give us a call +49 (0)6236-41 66 51. We will gladly advise you !

In compliance with your wishes, you can get a detailed counseling interview about each model before. Just if we know your desires and visions exactly, it is possible for us to compose your perfect model or even to build it especially for you.

Craftsmanship meets high-tech

The indispensible craftsmanship for our professional models is completed with modern manufacturing process such as CAD, CNC mortising machines, etc. The producers' original constructing documents mostly serve us as a basis.

The material as models are made on

Individualism and quality are values, which can't crank out a band-conveyor. We have to set ours hands to create something, which is as well extraordinary as enduring – in quality, design and material. This demand we have internalized and we live it consequently.

Essential for the quality and the long-life-cycle of our models are also the used materials. We use,where stability and function are required zinc die-cast and diecast aluminium e.g. for our driver's cabs we use brass, bronze and high-grade steel for our superstructure, chassis, axle suspensions, etc. and high-class plastics for sundries like windscreen wipers, mirrors. High-class varnishes from the car industry are exclusively used for the colour of our models.

Perfection and precision characterize our work and they build the "heart and soul" of each model from the modelmaking manufacture ScaleART.

The model-kit

You still like to "screw"?

Then the ScaleART-model-kit is the right choice for you. The metal-model-kits are varnished in your favorite colour (with the exception of chassis) and the installation work is invariably restricted oneself to create a montage of assemblies. Your success is pre-destined because with each model-kit you get a detailed construction manual and proper tools.

The construction manual

To each product the suitable construction manual?

On our website in the category "Service" → "Construction manuals" you can find every construction manual and they are available for PDF download or use

The ready-to-run model

You know what you want? And you don't make a compromise? You want the absolutely perfect model?

Our skilled experts put your desires straight to point into action. They constructe your model from the very first to the very last screw, each electric cable is installed exactly and nearly invisible. Each aluminium wheel is manual highly polished, each smallest sticker is perfectly applied and each door crack is correctly justified. Each assemblies which are needed to constructe a Precision Manufacturing Model are manual proved element, the best... out there!

A ScaleART specialist invests 40-45 working hours in the construction of a ready-to-run 8x8 Kippers. During that time he only works and concentrates till the last finishing on your model.

You would like to have a ready-to-run model? Then just write us an email or give us a call,we will gladly advise you.

When models are made alive

Technically sophisticated functions like drive engineering, drive axles optional with all-wheel drive, with lockable differential, three-speed transmission or light-functions like running lights, parking light, full beam, fog light, stoplight, bending light make your model reproduced in facsimile.

Extraordinnary gifts

Delight and bond important customers with unique gifts and commit coincidentally a detail striped model of your customers' original vehicle with a signature. Often decision makers see their really vehicles and machines really rarely and an imitation reproduced in facsimile on their desk could remind them daily on the brand which they trust.

Our service doesn't end with the transport

For the transport we offer stable and to your model fitted transport box with foam material (for inland transport, air transport or even for hand baggage). It is also possible to collect your model or your model-kit. This can be arranged by order.

We are also at your disposal after the receiving of your model and will glady give you informations and answer your questions.

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