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Body for hook loader with Palfinger loading crane

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Delivery time: 2 - 3 Months
Weight: 5.5 kg
Manufacturer: ScaleART
Art.No.: 72000060
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Body for hook loader with Palfinger loading crane ... UPGRADE YOUR WORK!


For all owners of a hookloader model we offer an exciting upgrade: the body for hook loader with hydraulic loading crane Palfinger.

The loading crane is made entirely of brass and fulfills the highest requirements. The lifting and pushing cylinders are
manufactured in the usual quality of metal. The painting is based on the original model in red and black, on request, special
colors are painted.

Equipped like this you can operated this unit as a full wrecker crane model and allows countless new work assignments previously
only other vehicles with fixed crane construction were reserved. Such equipped wrecker is a real all-rounder, one can really compare
with a Swiss Army knife, in fact!

Digging, lifting, loading pallets or scrap - anything is possible!


Of course, that also fully autonomous dump with a complete lighting unit as the rotating warning lights, side marker lights and the flashing
warning lights fitted in the support. Thus equipped, the trough as a separate Implement be used anywhere on the site.

The complete hydraulic system, the compact receiver unit (CM-5000), and the battery of the body is in a separate, two swinging doors very well accessible,
encapsulated Engine room housed.

The hydraulic system operates with a system pressure of 18 bar and comes standard with seven control and four holding valves. Optionally, it is
possible to control ten and six holding valves housed.

The crane has a 360 ° endless slewing mechanism, a fan-cooled oil cooler, which the temperature budget controls and a telescoping hydraulic
support with built warning lights. The loading crane is provided with additional hydraulic connections and can self-course with accessories such as
be a pivotal work, pallet gripper, etc. equipped.

Moreover, the body with laoding crane equipped with two additional hydraulic outriggers be allowed. These make it possible in conjunction with
a Commander Control, that the trough in the uneven terrain leveled independently.


Included is the fully assembled body with Palfinger loading crane and all functions as follows:


  •     Palfinger loading crane PK 23002-SH
  •    hydraulic support legs
  •     Control boxes and socket
  •     hydraulic rotary joint 360 °
  •     crane hook
  •     oil Cooler
  •     all holding and control valves (4/5)
  •     Hydraulic pump in the vehicle tank
  •     Servo HS-5065 MG x7
  •     Hydraulic switching module MFX
  •     hydraulic oil
  •     Multi-Function Receiver CM-5000 incl. RF antenna
  •     Beacons slopes King x2
  •     Battery 12 Volt
  •     Building materials Abrollmulde
  •     X-BEC
  •     Universal Module DSA
  •     complete assembly


Accessories such as log grab, clamshell bucket, pallet gripper and pallet forks are already in the planning.

The delivery month and the delivery time is always based on the current order situation, so you check this please to always up to date!

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