Electric winch in black anodized

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Art.No.: 75000086
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Electric winch in black anodized

  • for RC-Models in scale 1:13 bis 1:16 
  • voltage 3V-8,4V (12V)
  • pull rate 2kg (max. 3kg)
  • size about 55x28x20mm

The article include the winch in black incl. mounting material and screws. 

Instructions for installation and operation: 

To assemble the winch support you must drill two 2,5mm holes in the 
front bumper. Except the Actros all bumpers have markings for the holes.
For the Actros you have to mark it with the dimensions of the drawing.
To operate the winch you will need a small speed controller (ScaleART item no.:
76000155). As the winch may only be operated with a maximum voltage of 8.4 V
we recommend for vehicles with 12 V electrical system the connection of the supply
voltage at the receiver, as it usually works with a voltage of 5.5 V.

Attention! The winch does not stop automatically at its end position. Also check when 
spooling the rope that this is not jammed. With overtaxing the engine and transmission
may be damaged. Damages caused by overloading, wem ust explicitly exclude from your

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