Commander Basic switching module left

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Commander Basic - the low-cost entry-level solution 

Besides the two Commander - stations there is a conversion system for Futaba F-14 system. Specifically, it works by the sender gets an additional board with the Commander - electronics and eight switches. This board fits in the upper right option well , it is connected to the existing main board of the Futaba system. A small additional housing with the display for model selection, basic settings, the most important telemetry data is attached to the transmitter. The functionality is so not the Commander SA -1000, but for most truck models this equipment is sufficient for comfortable entry. So existing Futaba Radios can (also FC -16) are inexpensive extended to Commander.

The original electronics of Futaba remains unchanged during conversion, the system models can continue to be run at 40 MHz. In Commander mode, alongside the original 8 proportional channels additional 12 switching channels and two other Proportional available. About the display can be used to select the models, change all the important settings on the receiver and there is a minimum of telemetry data (model battery voltage, operating time ) is displayed.

  • Conversion kit suitable for Futaba F14, FC-16 (requires machining of housing)
  • Proportional channels: 10 (8+2)
  • Switching channels: 12
  • Model memory: 50
  • 52x25mm Diyplay, 128x64 pixels
  • suitable for all ScaleART Commander receivers

This article is only the switching moulde for the left option place!

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