Multi-receiver-unit CM-1000

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Multi-receiver-unit CM-1000

Special modes of operation for commercial servos are tailored to the requirements of functional model making. There is for instance a mode to operate a servo in the same way as a hydraulic cylinder: it stops in the current position as soon as the stick is released. By means of an interval switch this may also be extended to the windscreen wipers. The rotary speed of the servo (also in standard operation) can be set in order to achieve particularly realistic motion sequences. By means of a freely programmable mixer it is possible to implement special functions such as steering of tracked vehicles in the right sense, limit switching of drives, delayed reaction or any kinds of curves.

The programmable control (PLC) which is perfectly integrated in the receiver allows individual implementation of sequences which otherwise would only be possible using elaborate additional modules.

The centre for the light bus system is firmly integrated in all ScaleART receivers. In this way it is possible to enable individualization such as e.g. programmable flash rates and automatic reset of the turn indicators after turning, adjustable response thresholds for bending and turning light or dependencies between vehicle illumination and operating mode.

For models with little functional scope the receiver CM-1000 is provided. It offers 10 connections for servos and can directly control the light bus system using an adapter cable. The dimensions of the overall unit are only 40x28mm. With the reciever you need the HF-antena


Overview of function multi-receiver unit CM-1000

  • servo slots: 10
  • for switching functions available: 8
  • as input available: 1
  • function blocks (mixer): 8
  • control buss: yes
  • control of multiswitch modules: 1 compatible with Graupner, Robbe and ScaleART
  • Measuring battery voltage: yes
  • adjustable alarm thresholds: low battery voltage
  • hydraulic pump control: max. monitored 16 functions
  • mixer for tracked vehicles: yes
  • under voltage protection: yes
  • sequential transmission control: up to 3 courses
  • template-free routes: yes
  • brake light function: yes
  • resettable hormeter: 1
  • servo positioning time adjustable: 0-20 seconds
  • adjustable servo travel: separated 0-200% on the right and left
  • hydraulic simulation for servos: yes
  • password protection: separated for operation and configuration
  • power supply: BEC or drive battery, 4,8 to 18 volts
  • Bus enabled (several evaluators in the model): yes
  • Software update possible in the model: yes
  • Dimensions: 40x28mm

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