Meiller Halfpipe 2-axle-semi-trailer Basic kit

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Weight: 8 kg
Manufacturer: ScaleART
Art.No.: 80000010
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Meiller halfpipe 2-axle-semit-trailer basic kit

An original replica of a 2-axle semi-trailer based as well as the 4-axle-tipper Meiller on original design plans. A prototypical brass-wire frames and also with the great original and multi-axle suspensions corresponding aluminum rims, forms the strong foundation that tipper-semi-trailer.

In this way, perfectly equipped for heavy construction works, spoil the trailer but with all the details that give such a model, on driving, work and lighting functions beyond the optically perfect finishing touches.

The trailer is made of the 0.8 mm thick brass plate, which receives the great model referred to by a multiple folding of the side walls and the floor their massive semi-circular shape.

A continuous double-angle section, soldered to the bottom and side wall, a closed box forms, increases the stability of the double dump body also. The pendulum is equipped with a rear auto-mouth closure, which guarantees an original discharge and later safe locking.

The dump will be faithfully implemented, in this case to guarantee hydraulic components manufactured using a working pressure of 12bar, the problem-for example, emptying the sand laden depression (on the last step up to 60kg).

This basic kit is the complete model without electronics, hydraulics and optinal accessories. 

You can then select the color, as well as the function package for this model.

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